RHETTA BUTLER MUSIC STUDIO offers private lessons for SINGING, SONGWRITING, PIANO, GUITAR, MUSIC THEORY and DEMO RECORDING.   RHETTA BUTLER is a seasoned professional who has over two decades of teaching experience in New York, Nashville and Atlanta.  She is also a recording artist who has been with ATLANTIC RECORDS and WARNER BROS. RECORDS.  She has performed in concert in almost every state in the country including performances for the President of the United States and the Governor of the State of Georgia.

RHETTA is a dedicated and passionate music teacher who loves her work.  Her specialty in teaching is ARTIST DEVELOPMENT.  She helps the SINGER – PERFORMER – SONGWRITER – MUSICIAN to develop their own unique sound and style for their chosen field of music.  Your chosen field may be the RECORDING INDUSTRY, CONCERT/PERFORMANCE ARENA, STAGE/THEATRE, SINGING AND WRITING JINGLES, CHURCH OR SINGING AS A PERSONAL HOBBY.  She specializes in developing the musical recording artist.  She also works with producers and engineers, as well as ministers of music and other music teachers.  Rhetta is often called the “teacher’s teacher”.   However, she also takes great pride in developing beginning talent as well.

Rhetta’s studio is located just 10 minutes outside of 285 in Atlanta.  Her spacious studio sits on the edge of Lake Lucerne near Stone Mountain.  It is full of creativity and positive energy,  and students often describe her place as a “musical haven”.

Singing vs. Speaking Technique

I have worked with a number of students who have taken singing lessons, but they did not apply their technique for singing to their speech. Learning to speak properly is the same technique used for singing. Use of proper breathing and supporting your voice will save your voice if you need use your voice in your business. Whatever your profession may be, if you need to use your voice a lot, it’s important to have good technique for quality of sound as well as stamina. It amazes me how many highly professional people don’t take the time to learn to use their voice properly to make the most out of their presentation. Techniques for the voice are very effective to create a better speaking voice as well as a singing voice. Think about it.

Singing Lessons for Auditions

I have been involved in casting for several of the vocal compeition shows on national television, i.e. American Idol, The Voice and The Four. These are not easy auditions since they are really casting calls. What that means is that usually the casting director is looking for certain types for the show. HOWEVER, I also believe that an undeniable talent is an undeniable talent and goes beyond type casting. It is very important to be prepared for these auditions and be focused. They are not easy. Learning how to audition is a skill. Being prepared is work.

Singing Lessons for the Soul

Everybody isn’t looking to be a star. Some people would just really love to be able to sing. I feel that finding your voice is good for the soul. Learning to sing properly is coming from the core of your being physically and emotionally. It’s great for stress reduction and a personal relationship with yourself. I work with people on all levels. Some students come to me every week, some every other week and some monthly. I always say it’s best to go slow than not at all. Of course, you get out of it what you put into it. But what you have to put in is whatever your lifestyle might allow. Again, better to go slow than not do something you’ve always wanted to do. Singing lessons are amazing and it’s fasinating how to find how your voice works and feel the joy of singing the best you can!


There are different ways to approach singing lessons (or songwriting lessons, piano lessons or guitar lessons as well). The professional usually is under pressure to “get their act together” to help their performances. The approach for that situaion is often (at least weekly)lessons to get quicker results for performances. However, the amateur is a totally different ballgame. There are people who wish they could sing or write songs – or play guitar or piano. Many amateurs are reluctant to undertake lessons, because they don’t think they have the time to devote to their development. However, I have worked with many amateurs. I have found that a little practice each week over a long period of time can be very satisfying. I have some students who come every other week, because they just don’t have the time or lifestyle to come in more often than that. The end result is that they become better singers, songwriters or musicians over time. The option is no movement at all. Sometimes slow and steady does win the race.


This is such a wonderful time of year for music and singing. It always amazes me how much a voice can develop with voice lessons. Many people tell me that they wish they could sing. I believe everyone has a voice, and it’s been my joy and journey to help them find it. Singing lessons can be your Christmas gift to yourself or to someone you love!!


I truly believe that if you’re a songbird, you need to sing. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose singing as a career or a hobby. I feel that the act singing itself is like therapy for the soul. Songbirds who don’t sing tend to feel “out of sorts” with themselves – like something is missing. It is. Singing. If you love to sing, give yourself the gift of singing well. It’s amazing what some lessons can do to help you really sing better and fine your own voice. The better you are, the more fun it is to sing. Think about it.


I was contacted this year by American Idol to submit contestants to them for their upcoming show. It was a wonderful opportunity for some of the people who studied with me to be able to get in front of the Producer of the show and not have to wait in that long line all day. I was also recently contact by Fox about a new show that is airing in December. They are looking for seasoned experience singers/artists/performers for a brand new show with a different concept. The talent they are looking for should be “ready to make it now!” (could even already have a record deal). It’s going to be a great opportunity for exposure on national television. If you have studied with me, and you feel that you are now in this category – please contact me through email at rhettabutler@rhettabutler.com. no phone calls please. If you are not ready for something like this, and you want to be – get your singing lessons and artists development going – and get ready!

Music is a Lifelong Friend

Last night I was working with such a variety of students in different stages of development and aspirations. But it occured to me that each of these students had a need to have music as a part of their lives. So many people wish they could play or sing, but they never pursue it. I don’t think it matters what your dreams are with music; but I think if you have the desire, you should explore what it can add to your life. Music is a healer, a companion, a lifelong friend and great way to spend some of your time. Music is a spiritual feeling that brings great satisfaction, peace and joy. Music has been a wonderful comforter to me in my life. Give yourself the gift of a little time expressing yourself through music whether that is playing an instrument, singing or writing songs. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Singing Regularly

After having said yesterday that you should rest your voice when you’re sick. Well, let me say that when you are well, the best thing you can do is sing regularly to keep your vocal cords fit and active. Of course, it’s important to sing properly with good breathing and support for your voice. If you’re never learned how to breathe properly, you would do well to take a few lessons just to learn the right method. Four lessons in support and breathing properly can do wonders for your voice. It’s totally worth the investment! If you’re singing, and your voice gets tired or you start to cough and your throat begins to hurt – stop singing and rest your voice. It’s a sign that you’re either doing something wrong or singing too much. If you sing correctly, you can sing for many hours every day without harming your voice. If you love to sing or want to sing, it’s really comforting to know you’re doing it the right way to get the most out of your voice!


It’s the time of the year that colds and illness are going around. My best advice to taking care of your throat during a cold or illness is to NOT sing. Rest your voice with your cold. It’s a good idea to steam your throat and to also gargle with hot salt water. You can steam your throat by boiling a pot of water on the stove. Put a towel over your head to contain the steam and lean over the pot. Inhale the steam with deep inhales so that the steam reaches your vocal cords. You can put a special oil, i.e. oregano, “breathe right”, etc. in the water for more benefits. Do this for 5-15 minutes. I have an aromatherapy inhaler for the throat, it works really well for steaming the throat. Also gargle with salt water: put a teaspoon of salt into a cup of hot water (hot, but not scalding). Gargle deep down into your throat and then spit it out. Do this 3x a day. These two things will help take the swelling out of your vocal cords. Avoid coughing if at all possible with medication. Coughing is very tough on the vocal cords. So take your cough medicine to protect your voice day and night. Here’s hoping you’re all doing well and fine and will make it through the season without a cold. But if you get sick, please take care of your voice.