RHETTA BUTLER MUSIC STUDIO offers private lessons for SINGING, SONGWRITING, PIANO, GUITAR, MUSIC THEORY and DEMO RECORDING.   RHETTA BUTLER is a seasoned professional who has over two decades of teaching experience in New York, Nashville and Atlanta.  She is also a recording artist who has been with ATLANTIC RECORDS and WARNER BROS. RECORDS.  She has performed in concert in almost every state in the country including performances for the President of the United States and the Governor of the State of Georgia.

RHETTA is a dedicated and passionate music teacher who loves her work.  Her specialty in teaching is ARTIST DEVELOPMENT.  She helps the SINGER – PERFORMER – SONGWRITER – MUSICIAN to develop their own unique sound and style for their chosen field of music.  Your chosen field may be the RECORDING INDUSTRY, CONCERT/PERFORMANCE ARENA, STAGE/THEATRE, SINGING AND WRITING JINGLES, CHURCH OR SINGING AS A PERSONAL HOBBY.  She specializes in developing the musical recording artist.  She also works with producers and engineers, as well as ministers of music and other music teachers.  Rhetta is often called the “teacher’s teacher”.   However, she also takes great pride in developing beginning talent as well.

Rhetta’s studio is located just 10 minutes outside of 285 in Atlanta.  Her spacious studio sits on the edge of Lake Lucerne near Stone Mountain.  It is full of creativity and positive energy,  and students often describe her place as a “musical haven”.


I’m in the studio doing new songs and working with Bruce Bennett and Scott Patton (Sugarland).  I’m having the most wonderful experience!  Music is a lifelong gift.  There’s always room for new songs and development as an artist.  If you invest in the music, there’s a big return in every way!


If you’re snowed in or stuck on a highway in the ice in Atlanta  (I was!), what a great time to be creative.  This is your chance to sing, play or write – or even plan your career.  Take advantage of the time you’ve been given.  Create!

Vocal Health!

It’s very important to maintain vocal health.  Notice when your voice is tired or overworked.  Take care of it.  Stop singing and have plenty of fluids.  Stop talking if you can for a bit.  Try not to yell at football games.  Try not to talk in loud rooms and strain your voice.    Learn the proper way to use your voicke so you can yell at a game and can talk in a loud room.  As a singer, your voice is your instrument.  Take care of it, and it will take care of you!

Music Goals

I think it’s very important to have goals for your music.  Part of the joy of music is developing your talent and skills.  Set short term goals you can reach, and have some discipline about it.  One of the fatal flaws of creative people is that they have trouble disciplining themselves.  Pick a time in the day, and set that time aside for your development.  A little time every day goes a long way.  It’s much better than spending lots of time only a few days a week.  You can always find time for something you love.  Turn off the TV and the phone, and spend time with your music.  It will pay off!

Born for Music

I don’t really remember before music.  It is my earliest memory.  My Mother sang to me in the womb, and she started singing when she went into labor for my birth.  Literally the sound of music was always there.  It was a wonderful way to begin life.  It’s one of the greatest gifts.  I’ve always found if you treat a gift with respect and develop the talent that God gives you, you can’t go wrong.  The gift you got can also be the gift you give back to the world.

music marketing

I’m so glad to say our company is starting to offer services for marketing music.  I have been in the business of developing music artist for a number of years.  We are now helping the artist get their music produced as well as marketing that music to the world!


Let’s talk about fame!   I have ambitious artists that I work with, and often they tell me that they want to be famous.  My opinion about fame is that it  is not as satisfying as people expect it to be.  It can be awkward, invasive, shallow and confusing.  Instead, I believe that an artist should seek greatest.  If someone is great at their music, fame often follows.  The fame may disappear, but the greatest does not.  Recognition by a performer’s peers can be much more satisfying than fame.  If you become great at your music, you will have a lifetime of experience.  Seek greatness!

Music Business!

If you have dreams of becoming a music professional, make no bones about it – it’s a business!  You need to do more than just dream about it.  You need to have vision and a business plan to make your dreams come true.  It isn’t an easy business, but it can be a real adventure – and challenge!

Dreams vs. Discipline

Okay, so you have a dream.  Your dreams need action – and usually that takes some discipline to make them come true.  Nobody really likes the word “discipline”.  Let’s do admit that it’s not easy.  However, when you do discipline yourself – it feels so good.  You can be proud of yourself for making something happen toward your dream.  Try everyday to do at least one thing toward your dream.  Before you sit down to TV or your computer, take some action toward your dream.  Just touch it – touch the dream everyday.  Be patient, and it will come true.

Songwriting Dreams!

If you dream of being a songwriter, start writing!  Don’t just dream.  You can write about anything – anything at all.  Put your heart AND your mind into.  Pick an object, pick and idea, pick a feeling and dive into the world of words and phrases.  If you initially, can’t find your rhymes, just write your ideas  in a freeflow style to get started.  After you get your words down, then you can look for your rhymes, form and music.  If it’s your dream to write, get your pen and pad (or get on your computer) and start putting your thoughts down on paper.  Get moving to that song!