Rhetta specializes in teaching piano for the singer and songwriter.  She can teach you how to accompany yourself when you’re singing.  If you are a songwriter who wants to play to write your own music, you can learn to construct chord progressions to musically express your lyrics.

Music Theory is offered for those who want a comprehension of the foundation of the music system.  Rhetta  teaches the Number System which is used by most professional musicians everywhere.  You can learn to write your own number chart or lead chart for your musicians in the studio.  Rhetta has a method of teaching music that presents theory in simple “easy-to-understand” terms.  You can also learn the traditional method of reading music to play the piano.

If you would like to learn guitar to accompany your singing, Rhetta teaches rhythm guitar as well as finger picking techniques.  You can also learn chord patterns for your songwriting.  If you want to teach yourself guitar, Rhetta can assist you in moving that process along.