Songwriting Lessons


Rhetta provides private songwriting lessons.  She will assist you to find your own unique writing voice.  You can learn techniques that will help you to craft a good song.  Perhaps you are a writer who has good ideas, hooks or pieces of songs. Maybe you have trouble finishing your songs.  For many writers, it is easy is to start a song, but difficult to finish it.  Rhetta will teach you tools that will help you through the process to complete your total song.

Rhetta also works with those who encounter “writer’s block”.  There are exercises that will stimulate your imagination and get your creativity going again.  Rhetta believes that songwriting is an art form.  However, there are skills that can be learned that will accelerate your process and refine your songs.

Understanding song formats, lyric and melodic development, rhyme, rhythm, repetition and contrast as well as chord construction and patterns can be very helpful to becoming a prolific songwriter.  There are ways to fine-tune and build your ideas into a good “commercial” song.  However, insight and perspective can be also gained to develop an abstract piece of musical art.  Rhetta will brainstorm with you to go “outside the box” to help you express and communicate your thoughts.

You may be a person who would like to write songs, but you don’t know how to begin.  It can be a fun and enlightening process to learn to express your ideas and thoughts through music.   Rhetta also has had success in jingle writing for television and radio commercials if that is of interest to you.