This is such a wonderful time of year for music and singing. It always amazes me how much a voice can develop with voice lessons. Many people tell me that they wish they could sing. I believe everyone has a … Continue reading


I truly believe that if you’re a songbird, you need to sing. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose singing as a career or a hobby. I feel that the act singing itself is like therapy for the soul. Songbirds … Continue reading


I was contacted this year by American Idol to submit contestants to them for their upcoming show. It was a wonderful opportunity for some of the people who studied with me to be able to get in front of the … Continue reading

Concert Countdown – Logistics!

I met with the stage manager last night to talk about the logistics of the 6/20 concert!  There are so many things to coordinate when you have a number of artists in the same show.  We have five artists in … Continue reading

The Concert Countdown – Song Selection

So, I left off yesterday with finally getting to the music for the concert.  Selecting the songs is important.  My intention for any show is for the audience to have a good time.  I want people to leave a show … Continue reading

Concert Preparation!

We’re preparing for an upcoming concert at The Red Clay Theatre and Arts Center on June 20, 2014!  I just want to say there is a lot more to preparing for a concert than rehearsing the music.  If you think … Continue reading

Vocal Health!

It’s very important to maintain vocal health.  Notice when your voice is tired or overworked.  Take care of it.  Stop singing and have plenty of fluids.  Stop talking if you can for a bit.  Try not to yell at football … Continue reading