I truly believe that if you’re a songbird, you need to sing. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose singing as a career or a hobby. I feel that the act singing itself is like therapy for the soul. Songbirds … Continue reading


I was contacted this year by American Idol to submit contestants to them for their upcoming show. It was a wonderful opportunity for some of the people who studied with me to be able to get in front of the … Continue reading

Music is a Lifelong Friend

Last night I was working with such a variety of students in different stages of development and aspirations. But it occured to me that each of these students had a need to have music as a part of their lives. … Continue reading

Concert Countdown – a Day of Rest!

I took a day of rest from the Concert on Sunday to enjoy Mother’s Day.  It’s important to give yourself a break when you’re working very hard.  Sometimes you just need to refresh yourself and your creative energy.  It’s okay to … Continue reading


I’m in the studio doing new songs and working with Bruce Bennett and Scott Patton (Sugarland).  I’m having the most wonderful experience!  Music is a lifelong gift.  There’s always room for new songs and development as an artist.  If you … Continue reading

Vocal Health!

It’s very important to maintain vocal health.  Notice when your voice is tired or overworked.  Take care of it.  Stop singing and have plenty of fluids.  Stop talking if you can for a bit.  Try not to yell at football … Continue reading

Music Goals

I think it’s very important to have goals for your music.  Part of the joy of music is developing your talent and skills.  Set short term goals you can reach, and have some discipline about it.  One of the fatal … Continue reading

music marketing

I’m so glad to say our company is starting to offer services for marketing music.  I have been in the business of developing music artist for a number of years.  We are now helping the artist get their music produced … Continue reading