Music is a Lifelong Friend

Last night I was working with such a variety of students in different stages of development and aspirations. But it occured to me that each of these students had a need to have music as a part of their lives. … Continue reading


If you perform for family and friends, they will always think you are great.  If you are a big fish in a little pond, try not to lose site of where you fit in a bigger pond.  I have recently … Continue reading

It’s the Music!

I believe if you have music in your soul, there is no escape.  It’s a need that has a force of it’s own.  There is no point in wasting time trying to deny it, just accept it and enjoy the … Continue reading


Well, the last time I wrote on my blog was when I was taking a day of rest!  I was so busy after that getting ready for the concert that I didn’t have time to blog! Bottom line is we … Continue reading

Concert Countdown – a Day of Rest!

I took a day of rest from the Concert on Sunday to enjoy Mother’s Day.  It’s important to give yourself a break when you’re working very hard.  Sometimes you just need to refresh yourself and your creative energy.  It’s okay to … Continue reading

Concert Countdown – Logistics!

I met with the stage manager last night to talk about the logistics of the 6/20 concert!  There are so many things to coordinate when you have a number of artists in the same show.  We have five artists in … Continue reading

Concert Countdown – Band Rehearsal

We had our first band rehearsal for the concert!  Our band is “Eastern Standard”.  They are one of the most successful local bands in Atlanta.  Each one of the guys in the band is a professional music and an artist … Continue reading

The Concert Countdown – Song Selection

So, I left off yesterday with finally getting to the music for the concert.  Selecting the songs is important.  My intention for any show is for the audience to have a good time.  I want people to leave a show … Continue reading


I have decided to share with everyone the final 7 weeks before my concert at The Red Clay Theatre and Arts Center in Duluth on Friday, June 20, 2014.  I thought some of you might find it interesting how many … Continue reading

Concert Preparation!

We’re preparing for an upcoming concert at The Red Clay Theatre and Arts Center on June 20, 2014!  I just want to say there is a lot more to preparing for a concert than rehearsing the music.  If you think … Continue reading