“I feel as though Rhetta’s work has helped my band become the runner up at last years’ open mic madness competition at Smith’s Olde Bar, going up against several hundred bands.  I can’t say enough good things about working with Rhetta.  She has helped me to find my own voice and strengths.  My band noticed a big difference in my voice.  Rhetta has helped me get my head in a different place that helped make me a better performer.  I feel like she’s my own personal m music business consultant who has the experience to give you good advice.  Good advice you’d not otherwise get.  She’s been there, done that!  She’s is great in the songwriting process when II would struggle with choices or an approach to a line or lyric.  Mostly, Rhetta is a great teacher, and someone who has become a good friend.”
Lexi Street
Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Recording and Performing Artist

“Where do I begin?  Let me first say that Rhetta Butler has brought me so far along the road to being the vocalist I know I can become.  There were certain first impressions that stood out to me about this lady:

  1. Just because you ask to take vocal lessons from her doesn’t mean she will accept you
    (she will give you an opportunity).  She’s very serious about her craft.
  2. She doesn’t tell you what you WANT to hear, but she thinks, and
  3. Her ability to facilitate….I was impressed.

Being a musician and having been in it for so long, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to grasp the vocal technique she teaches.  Having studied music, I know that everyone armed with musical knowledge cannot convey it.  At first it was difficult, but she somehow interfaced what I did with my trumpet with my voice.  All of a sudden, I could see I could always sing, but I didn’t know HOW TO sing.  She has given me the confidence to walk into any place and get on the microphone with anyone or any band – which I could not do before.  Now I can sing anything from Barry White to Michael McDonald covers, and my vocal cords aren’t under duress anymore.  It has really helped me to discover myself vocally.  And the information I was given, I still have, and I refer to it almost everyday – it’s invaluable.  “Don’t limit, yourself.  Step outside your box” was something Rhetta said to me often.  And to this day, I still am.  She’s one of the BEST investments I’ve ever made in myself.”
Jesse Hall

“I had never played piano before and did not have time to learn to read music.  I wanted to write songs.  Rhetta gave me a foundation about music, and I can play now to find the chords for my songs….and it was so much fun every week!”
Marsha Bruce

“Our sons (14 and 12 years old) have been taking voice/singing lessons from Ms. Rhetta Butler for almost two years.  When we first met, we were struck by her honesty, professionalism and breadth of experience.  As time has passed, we have also come to recognize that she is extremely dedicated to her students and has genuine interest in their success.  We love the fact that she records each lesson so the student can have a CD for review and practice at home.  She also has a special way with children and keeps them interested in and motivated about their craft.  Our boys have blossomed as performers under Ms. Rhetta’s tutelage, to a level completely surpassing our expectations.  They started out with vocal lessons and are now songwriters!  She is also instructing them on accompaniment with their instruments (piano and drums).  The kids love being her students.  She is great with them, and communicates so well with them.  They always look forward to their lessons, and will not miss them unless we are not in town.  They have mentioned multiple times that their times runs out before they know it, because they have so much fun even if they are learning.  We were very lucky to find Ms. Rhetta, and we know she is and will continue to be one of the most important influences in our kids’ lives and musical careers.
Adora and Ivan Hunter
Frissel Hunter, Singer/Pianist/Songwriter/Performer
Nyger Hunter, Singer/drummer/Performer
“Phantom Bass Duo”

“Rhetta is known in some circles as ‘The White Soul Sister’.  I attribute much of my success to her.  She has really improved my stage presence.  Also, Rhetta tells it like it is.  Anyone who wants to get serious and learn from the best should go see Rhetta.  She’s the best.  Period.  Without her, there is no way my career would have taken off.  She has made me the singer, songwriter and performer that I am today.”
Spencer Durham
Singer/Songwriter/Recording and Performing Artist

“Rhetta is one of those people that you meet and love immediately.  She has an infectious personality and her passion for teaching and most importantly, her desire for helping others realize their musical dreams is inspiring.  As a vocal coach and seasoned musician, it has been hard for me to find someone that could take me farther towards honing my craft.  Rhetta Butler is one of those teachers that can “teach the teacher”.
Heather Petero
Director, Bright Star School of the Arts
Vocal Coach, Piano Teacher, Studio Musician
Minister of Music
CD Coming Soon!

“I have been singing publicly since childhood.  I have had quite a few music and voice teachers over the years.  Rhetta is the best I’ve ever had.  She treats you as if you are her only student.   She puts her entire self into helping her students realize their own, unique potential.  In the real world, I’m a a wife, a Mother and an attorney.  Rhetta fully understands the pressures of my life.  She truly wants to help me to strike a balance between the creative person I really am and the person who has responsibilities.   I came to Rhetta after having attended college on a music/voice scholarship.  Prior to and during college, my vocal studies focused almost exclusively on classical training or what Rhetta calls my “legit” sound.  I had struggled over the entire course of my musical career to find my own voice.  I knew it was not the operatic one I had cultivated.  I joined a couple of bands as the lead vocalist and wanted to tone down my “legit” sound.  After just a few lessons with Rhetta, my band mates, as well as some regular audience goers, commented positively on how my voice had changed.  I have always been a writer, but never had the confidence to share my songs with others.  Rhetta has helped me learn not just to writer better, but how to craft a song.  It is Rhetta who I credit with helping me to finally realize my lifelong dream of becoming not just a singer, but an artist.”
Holly Gentry
Singer/Songwriter/Recording and Performing Artist

“Rhetta Butler’s teaching skills are fantastic!  After years as a songwriter and backup vocalist, I decided to take my music career to the next level.  With Rhetta’s guidance, I am now a successful lead vocalist who’s fronting his own band.  Moreover, our latest single has received national airplay, and the editors of Billboard Magazine have selected our band as one of the hottest new rock acts in the Southeast.  Rhetta’s passion, experience and love of music, combined with her dedication to the success of her students is unmatched in this industry.  Whether you’re an established artist who’s looking for an edge, or a hopeful newcomer with a dream, Rhetta Butler will create an exciting, tailor made vocal program to help you achieve your needs.”
Wayne Vokovich
Rock Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Recording and Performing Artist

“I started working with Rhetta on the recommendation of a fellow musician.  At the time I was playing keyboards in a corporate/wedding band, and we lost our lead singer.  I knew that we could use some temporary singers for the short term, but we needed a long term replacement for a lead singer.  I was looking for a vocal instructor who could help me become that person.  Before working with Rhetta, I had done back-up vocals for bands, but could never cut it as a lead singer.  We worked together every week for over a year, and by the end of the year (along with practicing 5+days a week_ I was able to shoulder over half of the wedding band’s repertoire.
Rhetta helps in so many ways.  She has taught me the mechanics of singing correctly, breath control, learning to sing in different registers, how to use my natural voice to get different tones, how to play and sing simultaneously, how to choose a song, how to embody every word with the voice and focus, and how to personalize a song but still make it familiar to the audience.
Not only does Rhetta help me sing for a cover band, but she continually challenges me as a musician to get back to working on original material.  I had unintentionally abandoned songwriting, but working with her on my original songs inspired me to get back to it.  She helped me finish songs that had been bouncing around in my head for years.  I was so excited by the creative insight she provided to my own material that I am currently in the final stages of finishing my first “album” as a lead singer.  I have been working in the music industry for over 25 years and my experience with Rhetta has definitely been one of the high points of my music career.  Lessons with Rhetta are so illuminating, inspiring, creative and fun that I am always looking forward to the next one.”
Walt Austin
Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist
Pianist/Studio Musician

“Several of my band mates said how much my voice lessons are paying off.  They love the work we did.  Rhetta has a great energy and enthusiasm that tends to get her students fired up.  She creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.  The first time I met her, she hugged the student leaving before me.  I knew right away that she was a teacher who not only wanted to teach, but truly invest in and really cares for her students.  My audience members have commented to me on how my voice and stage performance have really improved since I have been taking lessons with Rhetta.  She pushes me where I need to be pushed.  She addresses the full spectrum of not only singing, but also performing and constantly trying to improve in all areas.  I grew more in one month with Rhetta than with other voice teachers.  I have been taking lessons for four months, and I am really excited to discover what lies ahead.  We always have fun as well, and to me that’s what music should be about!”
Annie Drexler
Alternative/Jazz Singer/Songwriter/Recording and Performing Artist
The Drexlers

“Working with Rhetta is truly food for my soul.  She’s the first and only vocal coach I have ever and will ever work with.  She has a unique way of bringing songs out of you and getting songs to the next level!  She’s simply the best!!”
Chris Garner
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Recording and Performing Artist
CD Coming Soon!

“After releasing my first demo, the comments were almost universal:  ‘good songs, good music, and you have a voice.  BUT it is just not up to par with the music or the songs’.  Fortunately….I found Rhetta Butler.  I had taken voice lessons from two other teachers, but it never really helped me.  I was amazed when 5 minutes into the first session with Rhetta, she was immediately diagnosing and correcting the physical problems that were holding my voice back.  Every lesson is an intense education from someone who has been there, done it, studied it and corrected it before.  I cannot put a value on the effect of Rhetta Butler’s teaching on the sound of my voice on my upcoming CD.  Many people who have heard me before and after are amazed.  I am amazed too.  In the end, being a vocalist requires a great deal of hard work.  With Rhetta Butler, I feel that there have been no mi-steps along the way.  I have learned as much and as quickly as I could from any teacher.”
Gordon Stacey Cargal
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Recording and Performing Artist
Lead Vocalist of the band, “The Balter Dirt”

“It had been years since I had sung before a large crowd.  So I decided to take a lesson to help me prepare for an upcoming solo.  With the musical talent and relaxed atmosphere of Ms. Rhetta Butler….with one lesson, she was able to teach me how to reach deep within myself to find notes that I was searching for.  I gained my confidence back in a S-N-A-P!  Let me tell ya’ my performance had my audience on their feet.  I would definitely seek her direction again.  I thank God first, but I couldn’t have done it without Rhetta.”
Deneen Bass
Gospel Singer/Performing Artist

“My name is Steve Ryan.  I am an actor, singer, songwriter and model.  Rhetta Butler has helped me tremendously.  She is more than just a music and vocal coach.  She is a life coach.  She has helped me to have more confidence in myself and to step outside my comfort zone.  This helped me in all three areas of my career  She is very driven, patient and honest.  She puts 100 percent into every session.  If you’re ready for real progress, Rhetta is the answer!!!”
Steve Ryan
Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Recording and Performing Artist 
New CD Coming Soon!

“Finding Rhetta is the best thing I have done for my voice.  Not only has she helped me to find my voice, but she has also helped me become more comfortable with my voice.  A++ for Rhetta Butler.”
Brian Molin
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Performing Artist
Studio Musician/Producer/Guitar Teacher

“I am so blessed to have had the great honor of working with Rhetta Butler.  Her teaching skills are awesome, and I have really grown as a singer, songwriter and artist as a result.  I learned to control my vocals and my songwriting skills significantly improved.  Mos of all I learned how to become a better performer all the way around.  She’s a beautiful person inside and out which made every session simply priceless.”
Jharee Stephens
R&B/Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/Recording and Performing Artist

“I was referred to Rhetta Butler from a friend (and someone I often perform with) whom I trust very much in matters of music, education, etc.  As a music teacher myself, I knew I needed a vocal instructor that would be able to identify my weaknesses and strengths and hone in on my particular needs in a timely manner.  Rhetta was able to do that and more.  The voice is a very individualized thing, and no two people are alike.  Rhetta was able to work with my specific vocal traits and set me on a path to achieve my singing goals.  I would not hesitate to recommend Rhetta to anyone looking for a top notch vocal coach.  In short, she is a great instructor!”
Mark Letalien
Singer/Drummer/Studio Musician
Owner, Learn Drums Live

“Rhetta is a very talented vocalist who has helped me significantly.  She was able to help me reach my full potential and make sounds that I didn’t know I could make.  She is one of the greats!  I would recommend her to anyone!”
Steven Warchild
Rock Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Recording and Performance Artist

“When I went to Rhetta I was ‘only a guitar player’, trying to step into the lead role.  She helped me gain the confidence and ability I needed to sing my own songs.  She gives great advice on networking and live performance.  It really makes a difference when you’re hearing it from someone who’s been there!”
Justin Cooper

Some singers are great singers, but bad teachers.  Rhetta is an excellent singer as well as an excellent teacher.  She’ll teach you how to find tune your voice by introducing a broad spectrum of vocal manipulations in order to become an outstanding unique vocalist.”
Roz Morris
Singer/Songwriter/ Retro Recording and Performance Artist

“I am so happy I found Rhetta Butler!  For years as a professional vocalist, I searched for a way to learn piano both to expand my songwriting and to eventually accompany myself.  I quickly realized how rare it is to find someone who really knows what they are doing, and yet teaches in a way that makes sense for immediate application in pop/rock music.  As a gifted and accomplished as Rhetta is as a musician, singer and songwriter; perhaps her most amazing gift is her teaching ability.  Rhetta is passionate about what she does and naturally connects with her students in a very powerful way.  After studying with Rhetta for just under a year, I have learned the basics of piano and my songwriting ability has grown remarkably.  I have found a wonderful resource for general guidance in the music industry.  I enthusiastically recommend Rhetta Butler ad a teacher and coach!”
Ryan Stuart
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Recording and Performing Artist

“I’m a rocker, and I needed more power and excitement in my vocals.  All the boys in the band couldn’t believe how much better I got when I studied with Rhetta.”
Rob Granite
Rock Singer/Songwriter/Performing Artist

“I have been studying with Rhetta for over a year, and my voice has leaped in range and power.  She has taught me how to find my soul and express it through my song.”
Haley Stewart
Country Recording Performing Artist

“Ms. Butler is absolutely GREAT!  I started in her vocal coaching program and within four months I felt more confident about my vocals.  She teaches you to pull the music from your heart and soul.  She shows you how to use your natural vocal ability and personality to find your own sound.  You won’t find anyone out there better!”
Singer/Songwriter/Recording and Performing Artist
R&B,Funk,Jazz Artist/Entertainer/Writer

“When I first came to Rhetta, my goal was to improve my vocals so that I could perform better in the studio.  I wanted others to be able to hear the music and vocals that I heard in my head.  Rhetta, being such an amazing talented vocalist and musician, not only helped me to open up and find the power and skill in my voice, but helped me to find who I was as an artist vocally, lyrically and musically. Her priceless gift for celebrating each person for who they are places her above all others in her field.  She puts everything she is into bringing out everything that is amazing in each of her students!
I love you Rhetta!  Thanks a million for everything past, present and future.  You are the best!”
CD Coming Soon!

Some well-known artists do not like their fans to know that they have taken voice lessons.  However, they have given testimonials for their work with Rhetta:

“I finally broke down to take lessons because I was having trouble with my voice in my performances.  I’m a heavy metal rock singer, and my voice wasn’t holding up on the road.  Rhetta really showed me how to use my voice and not abuse it!”
Anonymous, Rock Recording and Performing Artist

“What I was looking for was my own unique sound.  I didn’t want to sound like everybody else because I wanted a record deal.  Rhetta helped me to find myself and not sound like just another singer.  She helped me write my material, and she helped to figure out how to go about getting that deal!  Now I’ve got the deal and have my career.  I will always be grateful to her.”
Anonymous, R&B Recording and Performing Artist

“I have studied with a number of teachers, but none of them taught me as much or as quickly as Rhetta.  She is able to communicate how to work your instrument.  She turned me into the singer I wanted to be.”
Anonymous, Country Recording and Performing Artist

“I am a successful actress, but I needed to learn how to sing for the stage.  I wanted to find my voice to expand my earning ability.  Rhetta was wonderful and so full of information about music…”
Anonymous, Theater Performer